QUESTIONS about A Page A Day ~ In The Month Of May

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QUESTIONS about A Page A Day ~ In The Month Of May

Post  Bev on Sat May 02, 2009 3:26 pm

Here is your challenge:
Each day we will post instructions for you to use for a layout, in the “A Page A Day, In the Month of May” topic. The only way you can skip a day of instructions, is by replacing it with one of the challenge LO’s you complete or a Speed Scrap you complete here in the Month of May. By May 31st, you will need to have completed 31 LO’s. And what do you get for doing this???

If you have any quesitons on how this works, please ask them here and I will try and answer them asap!


Question: Does this mean I can only do one page a day?

No, if you happen to do a speed scrap, one of the monthly challenges and one of the Page A Day Intructions, all in one day, you can count that as 3 pages done in the month of May.

Question: DO the page a day have to be done on that day ???

NO, you can wait until the last day of the month, if you choose to and go in and do them all in one day!!. As long as you have completed 31 pages in the month. You don't even have to do an instruction. You can use a speed scrap page that you have done this month here at DSM, that will also count as a page done.

Question: I do the APAD for the 15th of May. I already have something there. Can I post the APAD on the 21st of May or does it have to go on the 15th?

We would need you to put the APAD on the day that the instructions are given. So, you would need to post it on the 15th, just move the other one into a different slot.


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Re: QUESTIONS about A Page A Day ~ In The Month Of May

Post  missdamsel on Sat May 02, 2009 4:01 pm

YAY!!! I did 7 yesterday!! Wooot! I will be done soon. oh yeah, only the speed scrap here and the page a day and the calendar count. so that is three!!

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